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Marcus Larborg

Developers of @mycroft_ai , the AI assistant based on Free Software, are working with KDE to create a friendly and feature-rich device. Mycroft's project leaders are running an AMA on Reddit. Ask your question and find out how the project is going.

KDE Connect developers are back with more features, more goodies and more improvements so that you can better integrate your mobile with your desktop.

We've now published our update on our Patreon account, current available funds, and insights on previous finances. Read more at #Solus

A new Linux smartphone is coming!

With an affordable price, too. Pine64 is behind this device running KDE Plasma.

KDE Neon creator Jonathan Riddell revealed this at Open Source Summit and it will be called PinePhone.

You can expect this open source Linux smartphone to cost $100+ for 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

#Linux #smartphone #KDE #Pine64 #PinePhone

#KDEis22 and our timeline tells you everything that happened that brought us to where we are now.

My GPD Pocket 2 arrived yesterday. I'll have to try and get some #Ubuntu running on it this weekend🐧#WimpysWorld

On Sunday #KDEis22 🎂. How are you going to celebrate? Whatever you do, send us your photos or videos!

1.- Friends, toast to KDE 🍻

2.- Make KDE-themed cake, eat it 🍰

3.- Make a video telling everyone why I 💖 KDE (share it with us!)

4.- Other... (what?)

I do enjoy making this podcast with Joe Ressington (who still refuses to get on Mastodon) and @danrabbit where we talk about some really diverse things. This week books, sleep, plasma, CCTV and death. Keep it light! :)

Just released: KDE's Plasma 5.14 desktop comes with new features and a much polished environment

Plasma 5.14 simplifies managing multiple displays thanks to its new Display Configuration widget; global menus now work also with GTK applications like GIMP; a new safeguard feature warns you if other users are logged in when you log out; and Discover now lets you install Snaps from all available channels, orders software by release date, and shows package dependencies.

Did you know you can browse all curated apps that are available on AppCenter right from the web? It's true! And with Juno coming soon, we've switched it over to prioritize apps that will be available on day one.

Pixelated Twilight Zone (EP90)

On this episode, we cover some new distro news and some security related news and hardware. We also go on a search for the Real Zeb, all that and much more! #Linux #LinuxGaming

On the 14th of October, KDE will be 22 years old. How are you going to celebrate?

The KDE neon team visits the Escola del Treball in Barcelona as part of their work to help migrate Catalan schools away from proprietary operating systems onto GNU + Linux and #KDE #Plasma.

Congratulations to our friends at @kdecommunity on the latest release of #KDE Neon, rebased on #Ubuntu 18.04 LTS! 🎉♥️💻 Upgrade now! tweeted by @ubuntu

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