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Marcus Larborg

The licensing of the Zircon kernel (the kernel that powers Google Fuchsia) reveals the extractive, enclosing nature of permissive licenses.

In #android, because of GPL, device manufacturers are obliged to release the source code of the customized #linux kernel of each device.

Something that will not be the case anymore in the new Fuchsia world, putting another obstacle to the #foss mobile initiatives.

I really care about privacy, that's why I use linux, I won't use gmail, and I have never had a facebook account.
Oh, my home interface? I have an alexa and smart meter with apps running everything..

Doing my weekly Facebook scroll and the whole feed is either about shitting on people and things that have no real baring on anyone's life, or just completely made up or misrepresented "scandals" for internet points? Imagine if all that bitterness and negative energy was put towards more important and enriching things than feeding Facebook and media companies more advertising money. What an absolute wreck 🙄

RT People name their Wi-Fi networks “FBI surveillance” as a joke and it can thus show up in a pop-up display briefly as a nearby available network before your phone connects to your home Wi-Fi networks.


@hund basically, Patreon has decided they’re thought and intent police. Here is a pretty good overview.:

Full-time #Mozilla #Thunderbird staff growing to 14 this year:

This bit I like very much:
"The primary reason we’ve been able to do this is an increase in donors to the project. We hope that anyone reading this will consider giving to Thunderbird as well. Donations from individual contributors are our primary source of funding, and we greatly appreciate all our supporters who made this year so successful!"

Welcome to 2019, traveler from 2009. The brief:
-sysadmins are now "ops"
-servers are all just "cloud" something
-algorithms are "AI"
-DBs are "blockchains"
-Everything that spies on people is "smart"

Good luck. And update your CV with the above words.

It's Friday, so there's a new episode of User Error Podcast in your feedz! This week, @danrabbit, Joe Ressington and me mull stupid things people say, mobile OS choices, Good vs Evil & distro contributions.
Follow the link to listen 🎧 & discuss 😘

Free Software Movements around the country have the responsibility of educating the masses about the importance of Software Freedom. Let's understand the importance of Free Software. #Freedom #SoftwareFreedom #FSMK

Are there any Sweden-based people here who use #Patreon and who would be up for talking to me about how you deal with taxes (and/or other things in general)?
Sub-question: Do you use Patreon as a private person or do you have a company that you do things through?

Boosts welcome!

75 bugs solved a day, quickest bug fixed in 47 seconds, and a new Bug Janitor to clear stuff up: xyquadrat reports on the year in KDE bug triaging, looks at some numbers that show the Bugsquad's progress and talks about the squad's plans for 2019:

Really enjoyed #Bandersnatch on Netflix . Gloomy 1980's retro with callbacks to other Black Mirror episodes as expected. The choose-your-own-adventure element was well done. I saw a few endings (and noted all my choices so I can re-do it differently). Worth watching.

A good explanation about why 'nothing to hide' is a fallacy. Short and very readable by non-tech people:

Just bought a stolen macbook from a flea market and found the original owner and we are returning it to them right now. My friend still needs a computer but at least someone didn’t lose all their data and school work and will probably have a little new found faith in humanity.