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Liberapay @Liberapay

Liberapay is now officially a multi-currency platform! We have implemented support for US dollars in addition to the euro. Blog post:

@imani Not really, as stated in the blog post it's a consequence of the shutdown of our predecessor Gratipay which was based in the US and worked in dollars. The Patreon situation merely provided an extra incentive to announce our new feature sooner rather than later.

@Liberapay hi, expressing interest in receiving donations in CAD!

@Liberapay I signed up before I'd finished my morning coffee haha!! I prefer having things in USD (AUD to USD is... kinda bad), & I do know from that USD to AUD does work - or at least it does for me.

I can't program, but I thought I should let you folks know about this. Also, I obviously have interest in AUD support being a thing.

@Liberapay Excited to hear this; I've been thinking about setting up on Liberapay and this helps!

I'm curious about the idea mentioned briefly in the blog post of free currency conversion―is the idea that if I have some funds in EUR but want USD, and you have the opposite, we can trade? Or is there some other plan?

@jamey You understood correctly. The problem is that we can't guarantee being able to convert everything with this kind of voluntary non-profit swapping.

@Liberapay Yes, I wondered about that, if demand turns out to be unbalanced between different currencies. A tricky problem―Very cool that you're thinking about it!

@Liberapay Is there any chance of getting GBP in the mix in the near future? @ExilianOfficial has long been in need of a good funding solution, but given our banking is UK-based I'm not sure earning in USD/EUR would work so well for us.

@JubalBarca @ExilianOfficial For now the UK is still in SEPA so you can withdraw euros from Liberapay with no fees on our side. Your bank should automatically convert the money to GBP.

But yes, GBP support in Liberapay is possible. I've noted your interest for this currency in

@varx Yes, as soon as we can make it technically possible for a team to receive donations in multiple currencies.

@Liberapay Ah, right! I forgot about the team limitation.