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Liberapay @Liberapay

🎉 Today was 100th payday! We transferred €1532 and $132 from 958 patrons to 295 creators and projects.

Fun fact: back in February 2016 our first payday had moved €5 between 9 users.

@Liberapay was this not like €700 just a month ago? growing fast!

@MightyPork We were slightly above €800, then the Patreon crisis happened.

@Liberapay @MightyPork I keep meaning to join up but need to check with bank about fees for transferring between GBP and EUR, I get conflicting information from their own customer service staff (one of them said it was €10 a time but were referring to a SWIFT transfer which is rarely done nowadays and was more common for very large amounts); alas this is keeps me on Paypal as they seem to be able to deal directly with UK banking system (will compare fees as liberapay may now be competitive!) 1/2

@vfrmedia @Liberapay I load it via paypalm the fee is a bit higher but it's not worth the hassle for the ~$20 I add every couple months

@MightyPork @Liberapay ironically I used to work in tech for a finance company and also was a finance manager as well as head of IT in my current job so I know at least a bit about payment processing; its the UK's warped /hostile attitude to European integration that makes things far more complicated than they need to be for this sort of stuff..