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« La deuxième année de Liberapay », bilan du développement de Liberapay à l'occasion du deuxième anniversaire de son lancement :

(Le magnifique dessin qui accompagne cette dépêche est de @davidrevoy, un grand merci à lui !)

Rappel : il y a 3 mois, nous commencions à vous demander une description courte en plus de votre déclaration complète de profil, mais beaucoup ne l'ont pas encore fait. Par exemple, l'équipe de Parabola n'en a pas comme on peut le voir dans la capture d'écran attachée. La nouvelle année est un bon moment pour mettre à jour et compléter votre profil :

Reminder: 3 months ago we started asking for a short description in addition to your full profile statement, but many are still missing today. For example the Mastodon team doesn't have one, as you can see in the attached screenshot. The new year is a good time to update and complete your profile:

Current internationalization status of it's fully available in 12 languages and supports 2 currencies.

You can help us do even better by contributing to the translations yourself on and by supporting the team financially through

A Greek translation of Liberapay has been started.

Only 6 of Liberapay's translation are currently complete or above 90%. You can help by contributing to the translations yourself:

Or by supporting the team financially:

We've also modified the appearance of user lists, for example here's what the top of the teams list looks like now:

The new profile page style is deployed! Here's what our team page looks like now:

This month we're working on improving the look and feel of many parts of Liberapay. As a first step we now ask you to input a short description along with your full profile statement. So, now is a good time to update your profile:

Big news: we now support SEPA Direct Debits!

In the future this payment method will allow us to fully automate your donations, by pulling money directly from your bank account when needed (only if you've consented to it and if your bank account is part of the of course).

The payment processing fee for direct debits is a constant 0.94 euros, which makes it the cheapest method we support for payments of more than 160 euros.

Good news: the look and feel of our payment card form has been improved!

We've also put the underlying code into its own repository to facilitate its use by other projects:

Thanks to @pskosinski the Polish translation of Liberapay is now more than 90% complete:

You can contribute to Liberapay's translations too:

It is now possible to link GitHub and repositories to Liberapay accounts!

You can import the list of your repositories, and select the ones you want to show on your profile, by following this link:

We have deployed several changes this morning:

- the donation forms have been revamped, see for example
- the pledge pages have been improved, see for example
- temporal symmetry has been implemented for donations to teams (we'll explain later what this means…)