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The instance we're on just came back after hours of downtime. We've created an alternate account that you may want to follow in case our primary ever becomes inaccessible again: @Liberapay.

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@hackerfriendly @elzikat You can support Mastodon on @Liberapay

Although I cannot see who supports me via that and as such cannot provide rewards based on it.

Liberapay is now officially a multi-currency platform! We have implemented support for US dollars in addition to the euro. Blog post:

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For those not interested in Patreon or Paypal, we now accept Liberapay to support us: <3

Now seems like a good time to remind everyone that our platform is designed to help you avoid wasting money in excessive payment processing fees.

You may have noticed that was slower than usual in the past month. This performance issue has now been fixed.

Reminder: Gratipay is shutting down at the end of the month! If you had an account there you can migrate it: simply open, log in, and click the "Migrate to Liberapay" button.

Good news: our payment processor has lowered their pricing on direct debit payments, so from now on you will pay a €0.59 fee per debit instead of €0.94!

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Merci à ceux qui continuent à me faire régulièrement des dons hebdomadaires sur #Liberapay ! Vous êtes beaux.

⭐️ Our main code repository has reached 200 stars.

📈 This week €818 and $0.47 have been donated by 506 patrons to 198 creators and projects.

[fr] Cette semaine 818 € et 0.47 $ ont été donnés par 506 mécènes à 198 créateurs et projets.

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Will start experimenting with Liberapay, as a way to try and get some of my volunteer work on Hacking with Care @HackingWithCare funded, along with other volunteer projects (more soon)...

If you see any reason to fund my present and future work, do not hesitate to contribute to


#BadWithMoniez #HatetoAsk #LiberaPay #aVotBonCoeur

A Greek translation of Liberapay has been started.

Only 6 of Liberapay's translation are currently complete or above 90%. You can help by contributing to the translations yourself:

Or by supporting the team financially:

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Comme ça parle un peu de #liberapay ces temps-ci, j’en ai profité pour y faire une page de présentation moins sommaire

J’en suis déjà à presque 0,1% de mon objectif.
Bernard Arnault, attention à toi, j’arrive 😎

#freeculture #mecenat #ecrivain

This week €780 have been donated by 465 patrons to 179 creators and projects.

[fr] Cette semaine 780 € ont été donnés par 465 mécènes à 179 créateurs et projets.

We're about to deploy some very big changes related to the upcoming support of multiple currencies in Liberapay. You may encounter errors during the database migration, and possibly some new bugs for a while after that. Our apologies in advance for any inconvenience.

This week €690 have been donated by 420 patrons to 167 creators.

[fr] Cette semaine 690 € ont été donnés par 420 mécènes à 167 créateurs.

We've also modified the appearance of user lists, for example here's what the top of the teams list looks like now:

The new profile page style is deployed! Here's what our team page looks like now: