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On June 20, an EU committee will vote on an internet-destroying copyright proposal that'll censor everything from Tinder profiles to Wikipedia: boingboing.net/2018/06/07/than

Folks in the EU: European Parliament Members need to hear from you! changecopyright.org

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By all means, #movingtogitlab-dot-com does not solve the problem GitHub has (centralization), and moving to a privately hosted GitLab re-introduces the problem GitHub mostly solved (separation).

#GitPub is trying to solve this problem by defining a federation protocol for git services: github.com/git-federation/gitp

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The main problem with Github being bought by Microsoft isn't MS.

It's that in 2018 we still haven't learned that critical infrastructure shouldn't belong to one company ... and that we should avoid building single points of failure.

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@Ubports booth at Ubuntu Party Paris:

There were a lot of interresing discussions, more than what I would expect, for the best !
Wow #convergence , it's a phone that power that screen?📱🖥🖱
Is it a laptop, wait, a tablet? ⌨🖱
Can i install it? 📲
Who is behind it? 💞
(and more... Some technical, some less, such as 'so it's not unity on gnome, right?')

We even installed some phone (the ubports installer is really simple and it just works!) 🤗👌

#Ubuntu #UbuntuTouch #UBports #community #UbuntuParty

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Ubuntu-fr était présent au festival P2N avec son Webcafé pour parler de Logiciels Libre et vie privée. On retient que l'ambiance était au rendez-vous 😎🤘🎡

#ubuntu #vulgarisation #webcafé #p2n #LogicielLibre

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Bald habe ich endlich eine Mastodon-App auf #Ubuntutouch. 😍 Meine Idee war, zuerst die Weboberfläche zu benutzen, mit der Möglichkeit, sich eine Instanz auszusuchen. Dazu gibt es zwei Qml-Pages in denen man sich eine Instanz aus den Infos von der API von instances.social aussuchen kann, inklusive einer Suchfunktion. Noch ein paar Feinheiten, dann kann ich die App im #OpenStore veröffentlichen.

Qt 5.9 breaks the ABI compatibility with earlier versions, so I re-wrote Logviewer in plain QML. No more C++!

There you go:


Twitter is down, Mastodon for the rescue!

The had a small maintenance release, get it while it's hot: github.com/ubports/ubports-ins

Or just run "snap install ubports-installer" to use it on any Linux distro :)


Some impressions from . What an amazing event, thank you so much to everyone making it possible! Special mention: Marcos Costales

Pictures stolen from various people, so let's see if I can get away with (c) Ubuntu Community" ;)

Sehr zu empfehlender Vortrag von @lanux_mage und Aaron Kimmig zur Zukunft von und @UBports aus dem @metalab_events:


Hanging out at this weekend. Come say hi at the @UBports booth! ubucon.eu

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Successuflly unfucked my . It's a pain in the ass, but this guide to recover from a still works: forum.xda-developers.com/onepl

It's only, and generally just a nightmare, but it worked. The OEM tool you need is chineese only, so the guide is just like "klick the square button", "choose the entry that looks different". Gotta love low-level hell...

Now let's get on this sucker!