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Successuflly unfucked my . It's a pain in the ass, but this guide to recover from a still works: forum.xda-developers.com/onepl

It's only, and generally just a nightmare, but it worked. The OEM tool you need is chineese only, so the guide is just like "klick the square button", "choose the entry that looks different". Gotta love low-level hell...

Now let's get on this sucker!

Can someone recommend a good all-in-one color-printer and scanner that works with / ? It's for my 81 year old grandpa, so it'd be great if there were an option that "just works"... Any hint would be appreciated!

Ich wurde vor kurzem von Jonius von Ikhaya zu @UBports und der Zukunft von interviewt. Hier gibt's das ganze Interview: ikhaya.ubuntuusers.de/2018/03/

Danke für das nette Gespräch, hat Spaß gemacht!

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Seems like weeks after the crash, mastodon.rocks is still not connected to enough instances to allow for a smooth experience...

Is there any way a regular user can help improve federation? Would it maybe make sense to set up something like @federationbot ?

Big shoutout to @TheAdmin @hackjack for not giving up and keeping this instance alive!

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@NeoTheThird I hope. Another Mastodon admin would send an archive with old toots of mastodon.rocks

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Condolences to the person running mastodon.rocks (which lost its database). I know that sinking feeling as you realize that something went wrong.

Let it be a serious reminder to everyone to have regular backups.

I've lost an entire VPS to Scaleway once, it wasn't even anything I did, their hardware just failed. Not having backups is living on the edge.

Hey @hackjack, i'm back in the game! Sorry to hear what happened here... Any chance we can restore my toots?