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Back to back trainings. The only plus side is that during break I am talking with other programs in NYC and showing them how good Linux can be for them. The other plus plus is playing games during lunch with some of these new people. My gamepad is ever at the ready!

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It occurred to me that while everyone is patting Elon Musk on the back for this week's rocket launch, it's important to remember he has hired many smart people. He has also received HUGE amounts of funds from the US government. So, way to go all you smart people at Spacex and US citizens who funded it.

Kids sleep :( I could use a co-pilot on this level!

While everyone is sleeping I've been compiling Emulation Station from source on my Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspian. Going to install - 2 player co-op or versus games from systems that only had 2 buttons + direction pad + start/select buttons.


Man for most part I've been an AMD dude almost all of my computer life because there were the more affordable option. The last 3 tech purchases for myself have had intel chips - Dell Ubuntu XPS 13, My gaming rig (which I got for free but still) and my Dell Latitude E6420 - Time for me to revisit AMD? What as you all?

My coding skills, if any, are truly lack luster. I know enough of HTML, Python and Lua to understand it but either I don't have the imagination or devotion to get creative with it. So I jotted down some changes to my daily routine that I am going to try both @ work with the kids I serve and @ home to see if I can 'get it'

Looks like Ubuntu Touch is here to stay for my family.

Any Ubuntu Touch apps for Mastodon?

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The last Windows laptop and desktop under my contract for a HS in The Bronx is currently being upgraded to Ubuntu Mate! Woot Woot!

SNK has a King of Fighters web series that I am enjoying. If you are a fan of the fighting games series - Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters, Real Bout and others it's worth checking out. At the time of this writing it is up to episode 23. youtube.com/watch?v=UzZYQnLm74

Damn! I love the Linux community. Found the fix in under 30 mins!

For the first time in a very long time my Ubuntu (Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3 LTS 64 bit to be precise) broke after and update. My night was suppose to be filled with irresponsible actions involving my lady and another lady but now I on the tech-inner-rage-race to fix this before calling time.

So one of my kids is trying out Ubuntu Touch for this month on her Nexus 4. So far so good. Her siblings and mom are still on Lineage OS without gapps but if the little one is OK with it, they will convert come Feb. The good thing about it is that she can code off of it with ease for her after school program and her own HTML studies. I love my Ubuntu Touch. calming phone experience for me.

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Using linux mint mate has been a wonderfull experience for me. I had to update the win10 for my wife computer and that is hell, man, fuck you bill gates

Dismantled my LAN party basement at 7 am. Put up all of my Dell Optiplex i7 790s up for sale on CL this morning around 9 am. 22 machines running Ubuntu Mate. I am down to 6 left and I am trying to sell these before 1 PM so that I can make it to my friend's place for our Xonotic gathering. I also put up my MAME arcade. I would like to redo my basement LAN with System76 Meerkats.

Down to 4 games left in my backlog. 'Teslagrad', 'Street Fighter x Mega Man', 'Jotun' and 'Hard West'. I ended some others but they were OK. Nothing worth writing about but I am glad to get them off my list. My lady wants to start checking out 'Point & Click' Adventures and/or Visual Novel games at night instead of finding a show to watch. So far we have 'Deponia' series lined up. Let's see how it goes.

Due to the weather, got 2 days off with my kids. After shoveling and sheltering the alley cats behind our home in our basement, got to some gaming. Completed DustForce but I never took a crack @ their level editor. I use to make a ton of levels for Half-Life back in the day. DustForce is another well made game for Linux with a great OST and a active community of map makers and players on the leader board.