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@samis @ChrisWere I remember seeing it as s dep for systemd sockets.

@ChrisWere I would say the best advantage flatpak has over snap is it doesn't require systemd making it truely universal. So Devuan, Mx linux, PClinuxOS, Void, etc.. can use them.
You also don't need to login with a Ubuntu one account to install something from a gui like with snap.
And Flatpak being a repo system means that we can have a seperate FOSS repo and a freedom hating repo and the two don't have to mix.

I think my basic viewpoint is that everything the left and right say about each other is true. And the reason it's true is because they have so much in common.
-- Bob Black

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I'm watching some urban exploration videos and I have to ask where gas mask consider a valuable resouce in the past? Because all these buildings hord them like gold.

What happens if your try to buy land that has a secret underground facility on it?

Urban exploration videos feel like real life fallout especially when there are still functioning computers.

A libertarian is just a Republican who takes drugs.
-- Bob Black

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