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SqueⒶky Pancakes @SqueakyPancakes@mastodon.rocks

No one is born knowing C++. No one is known knowing Python. No one is born knowing POSIX API's. Everyone had to learn it, and everyone learns in their own way. And it is healthy to ask others best practises and what to do. The Bank of Learning won't become insolvent from sharing knowledge.

Human liberation and the protection of nonhuman life are not merely compatible -- both are necessary.
-- Janet Biehl

#anarchism #quote #bot

please believe trans people when we tell you clothes shopping is a difficult, frustrating, demoralising process

please believe trans people when we tell you our sizes

Can I just wake up AND go back to sleep? Why do I have to choose?

Medicine, Melee, whats the difference?

#MastodonGuidelines : when you come here, pretend you've never heard of twitter at all before, just come in with zero expectation and you may be amazed

if you think this is a twitter clone those expectations will lead to severe disappointment when there's no rampant awfulness all over and actual humans aren't fleeing a pile of horrid bots

Actually is off by 3 error I still can't count.

Instead of having an off by 16 error I'm down to an off by 4 error. Math is hard.

As much as I love the 80s the doomsday clock is something that should stay there.

all i wanna do is :blobpats: :blobpats: :blobpats: :blobpats: and a [mastobloop] and take your 🥚

I've been installing on everything for like 2 years now and I might replace that with its really good.

Rather than sexual relationships and reproductive organs, humbly suggesting the use of more genuinely offensive phrases for times of anger, e.g.

- you're a total archon
- what an utter sultan
- oh put a crown on
- why don't you go and abdicate you absolute monarch


Show Idea: My Life as an Entry Level developer.
It'll have a laugh track and it will play anytime someone mentions integers.

How to name your
Step 1: Misspell a word
Step 2: There is no step 2

tetanus on drugs is prolly the best tetris clone ever.

Is a standard really a standard if no one else uses it?

So i've been in this room for a few months and its starting to look like I actually live here now.