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We made it! More than 500 followers on Mastodon! THANK YOU ALL! Keep following us and spread the love!

More than 400 followers, thanks! 😎 Keep help us in spreading and Love for privacy & and open source!

Red Alert!
UBports, Free Software and the Internet are under threat!
Know more about the threat and how to act to protect them here:
Action must be immediate!!!

Ubuntu Touch is a community driven Operating System, where everyone can be involved in its continual improvement. In this article we find out how to report bugs and suggest features, which is a vital part of the development process:

Ubuntu Touch News Desk for March 27, 2018 Get the very latest Ubuntu Touch and UBports​ Community news, now!

Ubuntu Touch is an operating system for the adventurous, the free, and privacy lovers!
We are starting with a review of Logviewer--an App created by @NeoTheThird , which gives in sight on what's going on with your OS and your Apps.Check it out at: ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-