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@wakest thanks for your feedback, keep following and help us to spread the word! 🙂

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Ran into the Ubuntu booth at a cute recycling fair in Paris last week and got a little tour of Ubuntu Touch and asked a bunch of questions. Now I am psyched to get a phone to install it on! @Ubports

@Thechord thanks for your comment - we really don't know if we can influence people, the project is very small and the reasources are very limited! Indeed, we already have ten supported devices (!) and Purism 5 on the near future. That's enough for the moment!😅

@lapor we can only say that's true! 😀 Help us in testing it!

Attention UBports Community!


The first RC candidate for OTA-4 has now arrived!

Read all about it here from our own Jan (@NeoTheThird)


The UBports Community Questions and Answers (Q&A) Episode 30

OTA-4 (and more)

If you missed the live event, then this link is for you:


@Siedge anytime you want, you can help us improving, thanks!

The UBports Community is excited to annouce a brand new language group: Czech and Slovak

Language Captain: Milan Korecky (@milkor73)

Mluvíte česky anebo po slovensky? Nyní se můžete připojit k české a sucasne slovenské skupině!
Do you speak Czech or Slovak? Join the UBports Czech and Slovak language group!

Pro vstup klikni zde: t.me/UBports_CZ_SK
Click here to join: t.me/UBports_CZ_SK

@IFRFSX at the moment supported devices are listed on this page devices.ubuntu-touch.io - no plans for futher devices

Red Alert!
UBports, Free Software and the Internet are under threat!
Know more about the threat and how to act to protect them here:
Action must be immediate!!!

Telegram for Ubuntu Touch UPDATES!

* Protect your eyes with brand new 'Night mode' (access via Telegram settings menu)
* Forwarded messages in the wrong (opposite) order? It's now FIXED! (bug #177)
* Fixed group join message logic (hopefully fixes bug #167)
* Bye bye reply button on channel messages! (bug #168)

CAUTION! Are you a 16.04 user and plan to update to this new Telegram? DO NOT UPDATE VIA SYSTEM SETTINGS (stuff may break) but only via the OpenStore App.

🇵🇹🇧🇷 Do you speak Portuguese? Want to know more about the UBports Q&A 29 , and the UBports Portuguese Language Commnity?

Then go check the latest UBports Over the Internet Show, an audiocast made by the Podcast Ubuntu Portugal team.


Ubuntu Touch and UBports in Paris!

"Ubuntu Party Paris" (event) turned out to be a big success for Ubuntu Touch.

Read more about it here: ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-

...and thanks for the hard work of @arudy !

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Next week my #Nexus5 should arrive and I'll be switching from #android to #Ubports #UbuntuTouch. I thought I'd take this last opportunity to share the apps I use on android:

Email - #K9
Map & navigation - #OSMand
Face2face - #Jitsi
#Mastodon - #Tusky
Browser - #Brave or #Orfox
Privacy - #Orbot
Text - #Noise
Email - #Tutanota
Podcast - #Antennapod
Video - #Newpipe
Repo - #Fdroid

I use the stock phone apps for clock, file access and calendar with no online access

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@Ubports is alive and well. They could tell you more on their project. Look up their work with the #librem5 !

@RavengamerSpace why not? we are always looking for contributors!

@RavengamerSpace do you mean a keyboard with a different language layout?

@h4ck3r9 a community member is working on it, but it's a very difficult task and it's not sure he will succeed

@DistroJunkie thanks! If you need any help you just have to ask /cc @kev