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@Ubports just updated my aquaris, looks great! thanks to all of you for your efforts!

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OTA-7 Video Review

Hot on the back of the OTA-7 roll out, we have a video review for you to watch. geotechland will show you what's new in OTA-7 and also some of the games available on Ubuntu Touch. Please feel free to share.


Ubuntu Touch Matrix app now has its own promotional video. To watch in action and find out more click the link!


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Ubuntu Touch matrix app is now listed on the official Matrix app list matrix.org/docs/projects/try-m also matrix.org/docs/projects/clien
This is well deserved recognition of the great work put in by Christian Pauly aka Krille

Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 is out!

Stay up-to-date with new keyboard themes, lots of improvements to Morph Browser, and as always more stability improvements! Find out more at ubports.com/blog/1/post/192

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You want to learn more about @Ubports and #ubuntutouch ? You can join the official ubports community in the matrix here: matrix.to/#/+ubports_community

We had the first of 2019 this past weekend. Find out more about and the goals for 2019.

Video, audio, and show notes can be found on the blog:

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Why is #ubuntutouch so cool?

1. You can use your apps in window mode 😂

Actually useful for developers who want to test their apps for smaller screens.


Ubuntu Touch Q&A 42 Saturday 5th Jan 2019

The 42nd Ubuntu Touch Q&A is this Saturday January 5th at 19:00 utc.
Ask your questions here forums.ubports.com/topic/2214/
Watch live as we answer your questions here on the day youtube.com/watch?v=208vMff11L

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Dekko Namespace Change

All future Dekko development will now take place under the original namespace of dekkoproject. This is setup and ready to go. To keep receiving the latest updates follow the steps below:

1. Close Dekko 2 CE
2. Uninstall Dekko 2 CE
3. Install the latest Dekko 2 from the OpenStore.

That's it. All accounts, emails etc. are kept and you're all setup.

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With a new year comes a new release of Ubuntu Touch!

We'd appreciate for your help to test Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 before its release on January 8: ubports.com/blog/1/post/190

Among the changes for this release are keyboard color themes, lots of fixes to morph-browser, and a fix to make sure that all Nexus 7 2013 Wi-Fi owners can install Ubuntu Touch!

(And also, happy new year everyone!)

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I'm reading through @Ubports Marius Gripsgard's blog right now (mariogrip.com/) and just read that the Pine64 (single board computers, similar to Raspberry Pi's) are looking to create a phone as well!

Holy SHIT! This is awesome!

Our own Jan Sprinz has just finished a lightning talk on the Chaos Computer Club Conference on: "Why we need GNU/Linux on mobile devices (now more than ever)"

Jan's part starts around 2h 2m 30s if you want to skip ahead:

You can get the slides at:

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@NeoTheThird introducing the matter and the freedom of GNU/Linux on the phone

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@esheep @Ubports

You're welcome Sheep-chan! They have a list of devices that you can use right off the bat here: devices.ubuntu-touch.io/

They even have a Snap of their installer `snap install ubports-installer`