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UBports @Ubports@mastodon.rocks

In case you missed the live stream, we announced that we will be supporting apps on ! Watch it here: youtu.be/jyp5xI54j5M

Since yesterday 6 high-ranked apps from the poll are available.
Find out more about our latest app-drops via the UBports News Channel.


Want to join us on Matrix?
View our Matrix Community, riot.im/app/#/group/+ubports:m

or just join our :Matrix.org

We now have a Matrix Community, a central place for all the UBports related Matrix chats.


So please join us on Matrix.

Another ubports community update is arising, come join us on YouTube at 1800 UTC today.


Any questions can be asked here, or on our forum

Matrix is making a start on there PureOS phone version of Matrix, using Ubuntu Phone as a starting point.


If youre brave enough, Enjoy a brand new dev version of the file manager, available in the openstore.

Big thank you to Stefano

Enjoy a brand new, and beautiful looking open Store update!


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I'm paying $2 per month for #ubports 💰 💰 💰
Thank you @Ubports for your work !!
#linux #opensource #liberty

With the launch of the New Matrix app (uMatriks), we're celebrating by opening a Matrix channel

This is not linked to our Telegram chat at the moment, so if you want help you're better joining our Telegram or IRC, but else our matrix is open for technical and open conversations

We now have a matrix app in the openstore for ubports.

This is the first release so not all features are available, but youre free to come and chat with us over on matrix.

If you dont have an account please sign up at riot.im/app/#/home

mastodon.rocks/media/br4838DMg mastodon.rocks/media/lkjqsKGfN

The calander app has a brand new update.
This is the initial openstore release.


Another live video will be here soon, and in this update we'll be talking about where we're at with 16.04 and halium.

We'll also be showing of some little nicety's that make 15.04 a little bit nicer.

We'll also be answering your questions.

So check us out, at youtube.com/watch?v=w8Mh8LDRZS at 1800 UTC on July 22nd

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Get your gallery update on the open store, thanks a lot to Emanual Sorce for becoming the maintainer of the gallery app!


Its already been a forenight since our last Q&A.

Today we'll be descussing Xenial, Halium, and Yunit, we'll then be answering your questions.

We can't wait to see you at youtu.be/Lr0jd4XzXa8

Wabt to play some classic games on the go?
Enjoy some gameboy games on the ubuntu phone using Gearboy by Ryan Pattison.

If you wish to contribute, view it on github github.com/RyanPattison/Gearbo