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Account profile creation fail, password dangerously secure!

I wonder who is this mysterious "Pine" benefactor?

RT @kde: KDE received $200,000 from the Pineapple Fund!

We will use it to make KDE applications and environments more usable, develop more ways of protecting users' privacy, and build a larger and even more inclusive community.

More information at

Seagulls noisily gathering over the school ready to feast on the dropped play time snacks.
It's Sunday you idiots, Fuck Off!

There are plugins but I've yet to find one that makes sense/organizes well your browsing history graphically..
RT @lulu_cheng: I got 99 tabs but I generally know where things are

RT @CyrilBrulebois: OOH.

It seems ssh_config in Debian 9 grew an directive, so that one can split bits and pieces of configuration across many files! \o/

RT @letsencrypt: Getting ready to use wildcard certificates from Let's Encrypt? Here's more information about the staging endpoint for ACME v2:

Let's face it, not exactly a difficult task,.
RT @BBCJamesCook: The Russian operation to spread chaos and division in the US becomes ever clearer.

Yep, pretty much can't send email to any Microsoft/Outlook and m$ hosted services from my own email server. No bounce just dropped. The fact it's due to spam coming from compromised windows boxes resulting all dyna IP ranges being blocked doesn't excuse them.

RT @oliver_shergold: @TwopTwips

SHOPLIFTERS: Walk backwards into shops so that if you get caught by security, when the CCTV footage is rewound, you can prove you had already left the store before the crime was committed.

As if using Linux wasn't already pretty Anachric...
RT @linuxfoundation: Anarchy Linux makes Arch Linux easy, says @jlwallen in this distro review:

RT @HammerToe: Local DNS for local people:

Very nice, alt OSs' an option too free apart from Windows for extra 120€ LOL! The ram upgrades are a bit cheeky. Reckon can get same HW for less elsewhere tho.
RT @kde: There is a new KDE Slimbook available as from today. The KDE Slimbook II... <snip..>

rather good screenshot tool with in-selection edit tools and upload to support:

Get it while it's hot!
13 Brings Improved UI, Video and Text Chat, End-to-end Encryption, Improved performance and more – Nextcloud -

RT @NaturelsWeird: The blue whale is not only the largest animal alive currently, but is likely the largest animal ever to have lived!

Well that's a new one on me, the UBSOD! The blue screen of death!
Guess the usual suspects will be 3rd party shit...hmm that BT mouse I just plugged in maybe...FFS.

RT @aral: “cornerstone sponsor” is people farmer and titan of , Google.

Their business model is to track you on their own services and devices, across the web, and beyond and then use this intimate insight into you, your family, and your loved ones to manipulate your behaviour for profit.

Can someone remind me what principles stands for again? Maybe Greenpeace is missing a trick by not having Exxon Mobil as a sponsor.

Who wouldn't want a little sister!?
RT @kidd_kong78: FINISH HIM

RT @Cloudflare: Are you an open source project using @Cloudflare? We want to give you a free Pro Plan to thank you for your work for the community.  💌 -> Please RT!