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Phones: Huawei (Android) Sanctions, Apple Sales Collapse, and the Linux-powered “$10 iPhone” in 2020? boosted boosted

I know "Avoid the YouTube Comments" is advice for a reason...

But, I tell ya, the comments section of most videos is a giant stream of support and awesomeness... with an occasion friendly debate. boosted

#KDE Invites Users to Test Plasma Mobile, Releases First-Ever Dedicated ISO Image boosted boosted

Current internationalization status of it's fully available in 12 languages and supports 2 currencies.

You can help us do even better by contributing to the translations yourself on and by supporting the team financially through boosted

Anyone know of an open source (or Free Software) solution for accepting donations via multiple payment systems (PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.)?

Gotten a few requests for something other than Patreon today alone. Wondering if I can make a good, self-hosted experience... boosted

Net Neutrality. No big deal. (At least not compared to DRM.)

Video and Audio versions available here:

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm going to go hide in a bunker while the Internet yells at me.

@BryanLunduke Also did you backup your YouTube Videos (all of them) for example if you want (quite) quickly to **import** to just goto dashboard and on any video copy download link (might be needed to use browser's download manager and then copy) and paste to a site which supports URL Import like

@BryanLunduke Would be nice if you could do a video about "searx" search engine, and maybe "Brave" a chromium (which is chrome) based browser (also is opensource) with it's own ad blocker and payment system BAT which has in the team Brendan Eich "Created JavaScript. Co-founded Mozilla & Firefox" as you see here

Searx links:

Brave Links:

Nerdy Enough? <3 Freedom :D (just random post) boosted

Product idea:
1. You give me keys to your snail mail post box
2. Every morning I go through all the ads and replace them with a single flyer that's tailored to only things of your interest.
3. While doing that I'm going to read your personal mail, to get better at preparing a flyer for you.

What do you think?

Outrageous? Still using gmail?