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Anthony Papillion

I try to come and participate in Mastodon but it's hard to get excited when most of what I see are repost from Twitter. What's the point if that's all you're going to do? Why not just follow you on Twitter and be done with it?

i was listening to Unplugged today and Wes made a good point: it seems that all of the good technology that we Linux folks have is being brought into other systems (specically ). As this moves forward, what compelling advantage (aside from privacy) does running Linux on the desktop provide? I'm really interested in hearing what you think.

Not a single or PC left in my house. Proud to say I'm 100% again. I'm sorry, dear Linux, I gave in to the dark side and looked into the faces of evil. Take me back and it will never happen again.

Rocco and Rob of Destination Linux have Solus's Ikey Doherty on as a guest again!
Talking about #Solus snapshots.

I see a lot of folks talking about the future of decentralized services like and how none of us want ads or spying.

Here's the deal:

Running these things costs the people running them "real money" and it can be a LOT of "real money". Want privacy? Want no ads? Consider supporting the people who run your chosen service with a few dollars every month. It doesn't have to be a lot but enough to say 'thank you' and help put a little food in their stomach. It will go a long way.

@Tanvir can you send me an email? regarding package

computer maker announces phase 3 of their company: making their own stuff! Congrats System76!

The Pirate Bay founder has launched a new service to register domain names anonymously: You can sign up using XMPP+OTR and pay in BTC. The company buys the domain and then gives you the usage rights.

Seems useful mainly for people worried about content takedowns.


I'm not seeing anyone's avatar on my timeline. I only see a little white box where their pic should be. any ideas why?

The 90s: “Stranger danger!! Don't talk to people online who you don't know!!!”
Me, 20 years later: *tells strangers online intimate details about my sex life* *terrified of talking to people I don't know on the phone*

Hmm...just started a project using MicroPython. Totally amazed by this teams work! It's a whole lot of Python in just 256kb of code space and 16kb or RAM. I've got to get my own board to play around with. This rocks.

I decided to hold off starting my own instance for right now. First, I don't feel like messing with anything right now and, second, it seems the various instances are doing well without yet another one. I'll keep an eye out though and, if I see a spot for it, I might just grab a and bring up a new instance. Right now, I'm loving Mastodon.

Activist site has once again changed their invitation policy. You can no longer request an invite to the site. A member has to invite you now but you need only one invite instead of the current three. (a new Mastodon instance) will be up and running tomorrow evening.

seems like a pretty sweet Mastodon client on . Super well designed, responsive, easy to use. Now, I just need to get out of the old Twitter way of thinking.