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@u2764 - all humans are huggable. It's just the way of it.

Sitting in New York city and writing with my eyes and my ears. Soaking up the feeling of bustle and small fears and movements around me.

I haven't yet found a good rhythm with showing up here. It feels forced, so far.

@gracepiper - sounds SUPER tasty! Love that one. :)

Took my son on a road trip to NYC and thought a lot about what I learned along the way from him -

@shevrin - hmm. TECHNICALLY it's good to know which instance you're on. YOU are on . To find people, you need to know that and their username. :) - (a few notes)

@shevrin - welcome on board! Who knows? Click the FEDERATED tab and watch that for a while. More people. :)

@magicamon - retropie. Make a video game emulator. :)

Watching Mastodon to see when the nerds and bleeding edgers get overrun by the people who will all think THEY discovered it. :)

I'm not building anything in right now, but this video is a great starting primer to understanding it -