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I hadn't really followed this whole "trademarking of the word 'cyberpunk' by CD Projekt Red," but it's interesting.

You can read more here:

Interesting that JD Power reports Microsoft tablets as more preferable than Apple and Android -

Not sure if it's bad wifi or a problem but can't follow people on

I went searching for ways to make it easier to take notes and get more out of books. Here's my findings -

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Seriously though guys, please share this article:

It's a really good primer both on what the federation is, and the history of this network.

This article seems worth considering in these early days of new Mastodon instances and the like. A bit lengthy, but worth it. -

Neat pairing: adblock *plus* micropayment platform. Okay, you don't want the ads? PAY for the content you still want to consume -

3 companies I wouldn't have considered top of class for email marketing. But hey, you can learn stuff everywhere -

Whoa. Just realized something. If you switch to "unlisted" when hitting @replies , it'll keep your timeline a bit "cleaner," if so desired. That way of keeping replies less of your general stream.