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One Venezuelan Student’s Heartbreaking Experience with Socialism

I love communists, they're so funny.

"no communism would be everybody getting paid the same whether they are artist, programmer, ceo.."-Commie

"flight attendant only provide comfort to passengers, they are not needed so that is a horrible comparison"-Commie😂

You know, I used to use because I saw it as a distro made for consumers, but now that it's evolved, I use the LTS because I see it as an enterprise distro like Debian Stable and I see the interim releases as like a Fedora or a Debian Testing.

"Hating misery isn't the same as liking happiness"-Me

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@BryanLunduke Speaking of Patreon issues, have you tried ?
If so, toughs?
Any alternatives?

Well I got banned from It turns out the mods don't like Capitalists there.

I like , but it's hard to find users that don't use Linux or that don't know what it is. I mean I live me some , but I want some normies in club mastodon. People who aren't technical. I want more diversity.