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It occurred to me that while everyone is patting Elon Musk on the back for this week's rocket launch, it's important to remember he has hired many smart people. He has also received HUGE amounts of funds from the US government. So, way to go all you smart people at Spacex and US citizens who funded it.

This much:

:(){ :|: & };:

(If you don't know what that is, don't run it.)

How much bash would a bash beaver bash if a bash beaver could bash bash?

Multiple questions. Sorry:

1. Lunduke and <guest>- When will you join forces to give us a technologically accurate cyberpunk novel?
2. Lunduke- Why do you say "whatnot" so often? Is it a regional thing? Personal? You say it almost every episode
3. Lunduke- Where are your dropped projects (e.g. Nerd Prep, prediction episode, etc.)?
4. Everyone- How much bash would a bash beaver bash if a bash beaver could bash bash?

Burger King demonstrates an important aspect of Net Neutrality with Whopper Neutrality ad.

"Actual guests. Fake pricing for illustration purposes only."

Read the Verge article about the ad.

Hi I'm a comic author from germany and this is my first post in mastodon. Looks nice :) Here a comic for you:

@BryanLunduke You might like this:

Says it dual-boots android and Linux. Has physical, fold-down keyboard. Heavy enough to know that it's in your pocket.

Would AMD/Intel be open to a challenge? Produce one piece of hardware, one chip, with two versions of the chipset: 1) Their usual, proprietary method, 2) A, to start, similar chipset that is open-sourced hosted on github. A team manages each, but a smaller one for the open source version. See which one has more security problems and which one is more efficient after a year.

@BryanLunduke @therealmatthartley

Does anyone else feel special when @BryanLunduke says your username on ? It gives me a little happy warming in the cockles of my heart.

The internet is one giant RSS reader built on top of gopher.

Are there any .onion Mastodon instances, and would it be possible for a normal instance to federate with a tor based Mastodon instance?

I'm guessing the answer is no, but now I want to know how hard that would be to do...

It's almost Linux Day! It's almost Linux Day!

Time to freak out! ... and submit your questions (right here) for your intrepid hosts!

Next Tuesday, I'll be doing a "2018 Predictions" episode of the .

As part of that I'd love to hear what your predictions are (specifically Tech/Computing predictions -- bonus points if they have something to do with Linux or Free Software).

Reply here so I see them. Include the odds you give this prediction of coming true (so we can check at the end of the year).

"I predict, in 2018, someone will declare 2018 to be The Year of the Linux Desktop. Odds: 100%"

After refusing to work together with another committee, some members of
Congress are trying to force their bill to… source:

PSA: Check what directory you're in before copying your template.txt to index.html. Just accidentally overwrote one of my pages, especially if you don't have backups.

In related news, did anyone happen to wget that page? I'd really appreciate it.