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In Firefox's addressbar, you can limit results by typing special characters before or after your term

^ for matches in your browsing history.
* for matches in your bookmarks.
% for matches in your currently open tabs.
# for matches in page titles.
@ for matches in web addresses.

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@brandon neither did I. but some times Twitter tosses up some precious gems. That one was by Asa Dotzler. Sucks that I feel it irrelevant to share among people i know in real life because they are all stuck with chrome

@dpreacher Aha awww, those Chromies :P I've been trying to migrate people to FF whenever I see they're on Chrome :P

I've actually changed some shortcut icons and people never noticed XD

@brandon It does hurt the ego when I get the chrome users point at the ui change since quantum and show how there are clear hints of getting 'inspired' by chrome.

@dpreacher There's REALLY nothing much to change in terms of UI tbh XD

And anything that took "inspiration" from Chrome, was stuff that's just logical

@brandon no the point being that the speed increase was nothing that chrome didn't already do and the looks also it got similar to chrome. so yea it sucks to admit ff just played catch up

@dpreacher Of course it played catchup, Firefox was trying to remain different from Chrome when in reality, Chrome was doing things the right way.

So Firefox had to rebuild their engine and that takes time

@brandon @dpreacher

I now use Qutebrowser as my main browser with Falkon as my secondary, both use the qtwebengine backend which is based from blink/chromium project. I hardly use Brave these days and not used Firefox in what seems like forever

@jason qutebrowser is impractical for my use case. one web engine doesn't allow desktop notifications and the other engine does not allow full screen videos. why do i need to choose when other browsers allow both? dunno if i have tried falkon serriously though.

@brandon only thing it should have and should remain different and which it doesn't completely do is to depend on third party services or be non transparent about what they are putting into the application, what they are collecting, etc.

@feld I didn't know either but I gotta say that tip from Asa Dotzler (tweet) did make me love my favorite browser even more. and loving Firefox is serious determination in the face of Google chrome.


%... for when you've been on a hell of a Wikipedia bender...

@dpreacher Thank you! I know "%" and "*" but never remember the others, so a little cheatsheet is always welcome.

@algorev haven't thought of that. although i did try and it looks like these filters work on their own only. probably someone can enhance the query happening in the backend. probably avoided for performance reasons?

@dpreacher Thanks for sharing. I just tried but I couldn't get this to work... Using Firefox 60 on Ubuntu. Am I doing something wrong? :/

@peter @dpreacher It seems that a space after the special character is needed to trigger the filter (at least on my setup, same as yours).

@Pabo @peter thanks for the tip. I am surprised this old toot is getting some attention again. Refresher course on firefox productivity :D

@peter looks like a space needs to follow the operator.

@dpreacher whats the one for "fuck you thats not a valid domain name, I want to google this"
@notclacke @dpreacher I keep googling stuff like 3.4Kbps and get back a URL. In chromium you could just do ?3.4kbps and get a search always

I also don't think chromium accepted addresses for websites which weren't valid TLDs without http:// so 3.4kbps would always have been a google search

@kurisu @notclacke different design decisions. why one trumps the other in each company depends on so many things but mostly on the people who affect such decisions.

@dpreacher @notclacke there might even be an about:config to change it but fuck knows

@kurisu ctrl-k and type the search term. although latest firefox has dared the user to optionally get rid of the search bar and look like chrome some more. I'm yet to try your 3.4kbps example. that example just sounds like something I'd use to show firefox down. :P

@dpreacher I don't have the search box even before 57 because I wanted to use it like chrome :)

And no, i've definitely hit this in real life before. I just couldn't come up with what I hit it with so I made one up

@kurisu I have beeen there too. so my hands just learnt ctrl-k without me looking and am not so google fan though I actively have email and Keep. Firefox isn't a preference as much as just trying to support it and hoping it gets better. in some ways it has. in some ways it hasn't become creepy.

@dpreacher my hands have learnt ctrl-l for the omnibox already, because often I want to search history

@kurisu i dunno if you are into programming but that uses a bunch of periods as well. like you want to search os.system and not land up on a website called os.system, right?
A quick experiment tells me I can prepend strings with '.' in them with @ sign and it would send the string to your favorite search engine rather than treat it as an URL. Haa! No need to move to chrome for me! :P :D

@kurisu na the experiment was not a complete success although the AI in search engines compensate for the same. Well, my hand's still waving at me confident of its memory of ctrl-k

@dpreacher yeah you could say i'm a little into programming

and yup thats exactly where I hit it, thanks for reminding me lol
@dpreacher and for me @foo.bar still treats it as a URL, and "@ foo.bar" keeps the @ in the URL.

Chrome you could do ?foo.bar and it'd google "foo.bar" and remove the ?

@kurisu yea like I said. i rushed into that conclusion. oops! :) I'm not a windows user but I still have the skills to bypass these gotchas with all the mental preps necessary :)

@kurisu it loos like you could type in the search with period in between but just not press enter. it does give the second option to search instead of try that as a URL

@dpreacher thanks for pointing out this cool feature, didn't know that before !

@numimyon Thank Asa Dotzler. I couldn't let a worthy tweet go waste among those Chrome loving Facebook users pretending to be cool by tweeting. Had to bring it here.

@dpreacher Turns out you can use + to search tags too, even multiple tags if you separate each with a space.

@dpreacher Wow. Those shortcuts don't really make any sense to me. It's a nice feature. But how am I going to remember this?