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fatboy @fatboy

I find it fascinating that there's a possibility that users "love" Windows as an operating system. Stockholm syndrome? Masochists? Don't know.

@fatboy they "love" Windows in the sense that the only other operating system that they know is Mac.

@fatboy what would they usually say to make you think they love Windows as an operating system and not hate you as a linux/foss snob on your high horse? :-P
I'm totally kidding but to be honest, the products are the reflections of those who direct or control their designs and my inclination is towards either for or against them.
Nah! I can't stand windows. Thing is I've never hated linux when my computing was all on windows. I mean you gotta get annoyed at no media playing ootb!

@fatboy ask them to love wimdows without allowing a single app that doesn't ship with the install disks and that includes malware protection as well.

@fatboy The way I see the windows users at my workplace, I'd bet zombies are a bit more aware of what they are doing. And it doesn't matter how experienced they are.
They don't care what obscure start page or search engine got set in their browser. They know the fastest ways to dismiss any and all random message popups;this includes ignoring AV warnings and random prompts to configure outlook to send email (we don't use outlook). Having no qualms in using that hideous IE. On n on.

@fatboy when you know nothing different , you love what you have.. and yes probably both