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Anyone watch Halt and Catch Fire? Am I crazy or is that the best TV I've seen in years?

It's movie night in my Linux powered theater room with the fam.

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Linux Thursday – Feb 15th, 2018


This episode of the is made possible by System76, PogoLinux, LulzBot, & Nerds Like You.

Zinn? What am I doing. I think I have dementia.

Zed Shaw is who I meant to say. Anyone have any thoughts on Zed Shaw? He seems to love old school teaching and I tend to like that.

@BryanLunduke @therealmatthartley

So I've been using nano since I started using Linux. People online make a lot of buzz about Vim and Emacs and I wonder what do they have that nano doesn't? What is it!? I love nano but I feel like I'm missing something.

Also what do you think of Zinn's method of learning C?

Dear beautiful hosts:

I have begun learning C with 'Learn C the Hard Way'. Some people say that C isn't worth learning at the beginning and 1 or 2 have told me that it is the best to start with. So my question is, what is C worth? Can I learn it and develop only in C. I only know enough Python to be dangerous, so I am completely new to programming. Should I try to base a career on C?

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Tech as Religion
- or -
Do we, as computer nerds, have specific pieces of tech that are treated as "Sacred Cows?"

Audio and Video:

This episode of the made possible by System76, PogoLinux, LulzBot, and Nerds Like You.

... There is a reason Mastodon exists. Because some people have realized that the 'S' in HTTPS doesn't matter. Perhaps you don't know what I mean by that because of course you think it matters. The reason 'S' doesn't matter is because it was designed by an org that wants something. In the end, the internet is still the wild west that it always way, but now there are gangs of guys with big guns and fast horses riding around. If you can't handle it, get off the internet. It won't change.

The End

... the perspective being used. The NSA wants control so that they can execute their job as efficiently as possible. Google wants all of the worlds data to use for their own ends. Facebook has a similar objective. All of these organizations want something that will achieve their own goals. As they have all proven, it is with little regard to the people they affect.

So when one of these orgs tells you that something is one way or another, you can't trust them. They don't deserve your trust...

I wasn't going to do this, but @BryanLunduke 's post has brought it all to the surface now and I don't want to flood his post with my little rant.

Trust is a 'hackers' best tool. That is why his recent video on HTTPS hit me so poignantly. I have spent a great deal of time learning about network security and all of the fun stuff that lurks in the dark. I learn to understand.

When you take the word of Google or the govt or Facebook, heck, even Cloudflare, you always have to consider...

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Dear @elementary,

I've been loving the

I think down the road someone (maybe you guys) should create a "MusicCenter" where music is pay-what-you-want.

I can't wait for Luna to be released so that it will be easier to revisit apps I've downloaded for like a dollar and donate more after I have used the app.


P.S. If you guys created a MusicCenter/TuneCenter that'd be great. If not, I'll have to learn to do Vala and do it myself. Thanks again!

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What is wrong with South Africa? They are, literally, out of water. Cape Town, which will be out of drinkable water "within weeks", launches protests when Israeli's offer help.

They would, literally, rather die of lack of water than let Jews help them.


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EFF vs IoT #DRM, OMG! The @EFF is suing the U.S. government over the constitutionality of DMCA 1201, which makes it illegal to tell you truthful things about the risks you face from your badly secured gadgets: https://u.fsf.org/2gx