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Jean B.

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AdMiNs CaN rEaD uR dMs

Yeah and on twitter, fb and google they can and do and then sell your data to advertisers to target ads to you, idk what you're worried about here tbth

We are now in Mastodon v2.4.3
The server migration will be done in few days.

I gonna relaunch this instance.

I made some cleanup on the server. I bought another server to migrate.
I gonna update all this stuff and this instance will rock !

@jpopfantasia I
temporarily closed the new register on this instances to avoid new creation of spam accounts.

They have multiple email account (I can't blacklist an email domain)

@jpopfantasia The disk was full because of all local backups I didn't flush.

And I didn't have access to my server all day.

Tumblr broke all rss feeds because of the RGPD… What a joke 😡 (I blame Tumblr not the EU)

Pour les francophones y'a @framasky qui en a parlé ici :
Moi j'ai toujours mon FreshRSS de cassé à cause de ça…

@NeoTheThird You have to search individually 😞

@NeoTheThird Okay, cancel your failed followings (You will see an hourglass with the message "Invitation sent", click on it) and open the full profile and follow from this page. It will work (I hope)

@NeoTheThird Indeed, I can't follow anybody on 😐

But i can on others instances like

@NeoTheThird I hope. Another Mastodon admin would send an archive with old toots of

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PSA for Mastodon admins Show more

@wonderfall Ben je ne sais pas. J'étais en saturation d'espace disque sur mon serveur du coup, j'ai down mon docker-compose et j'ai nettoyé toutes mes images docker pour repartir de zéro.
J'avais bien la persistence de mes volumes et tout, du coup j'étais en pleine confiance. Je relance le docker-compose avec la mise à jour. Je tombe sur un bug :
Une fois résolu, je peux pas me connecter à mon instance et la base était vidée.

@wonderfall Ouais j'ai vraiment bien merdé…

Jean B. boosted lost all data. this why you need proper backups.

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Condolences to the person running (which lost its database). I know that sinking feeling as you realize that something went wrong.

Let it be a serious reminder to everyone to have regular backups.

I've lost an entire VPS to Scaleway once, it wasn't even anything I did, their hardware just failed. Not having backups is living on the edge.