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As Masto popularity grows the toxic trolls start to discover it. *sigh*

Anyone that might want to write a Webcomic for me to model the scenes to. I need someone with similiar love for the space opera genre, sexy alien creatures and who wants to help me write a story around these concepts.

Style will be simple, cartoony, with cellshaded rendering, (fast to render and can give a drawn art feel) but hopefully, pretty.

This is my stuff:

Poke me if interested.

Wine is a piece of duct tape, it's there to hold things in place while the system is being built up. But if you start relying on it as a permanent solution you risk stagnation and degradation of the platform.

I've recently seen plenty of Linux gamers get excited about DXVK and it is an interesting technology. However, you should remember that buying Windows games to play with it doesn't really help Linux gaming. "No Tux No Bux" is still the most reliable way to support the platform and make sure it develops on all levels.

Most useful thing I've discovered recently: if you need to transfer some text from #Linux to your phone, you can use github.com/gtanner/qrcode-term and "xclip -o | qrcode-terminal" to output the clipboard as a QR code, and then use the iphone/android camera app to snag it.

We've announced The Away Team: Lost Exodus, a big update that I've been working on for some time.

Sometimes it's hard to see the impact of the changes we've made while working on them, but when I stop and step back to look, I think the game is much stronger for it!

Super excited to share all this with players when it's ready :)


#gamedev #indiedev

Fresh photos of the garden in progress. Includes almost-straight-mini-fence™ and a big butt.

youtu.be/nzezJ3vCjG8 <- fallout 3 GOTY installer for linux (lutris) oh, NICE!