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@ignitionigel Are you setting up a new desktop? I'm jealous. I really want to like OpenSUSE, but there are issues with my toolset that make it a pain :( But KDE5 is just so beautiful, and it's on an RPM based distro with LTS!

Trying tumbleweed on my old netbook, thinking kde might be a bit much for it but I'll see how it goes.
Spent a few hours starting to install Arch but decided "ain't no one got time for that". As much as I like arch.
I have openSUSE on my desktop too dual booting Win10, but that's packed away from moving house still.

Ugh, after initial boot was fine, subsequent reboot no response. Wouldn't open programs, wouldn't even shut down. Was a touch laggy with UI so will see how gnome goes. Probably the same.
May need to give up on this hardware.

@ignitionigel That's a shame. Might be worth giving Lubuntu or some LXDE distro a go. Super light in resources and is often used on older or low resource machines.

Yeah opensuse gnome is acceptable, just.
Win10 was faster, which is disappointing.
I like it somewhat pretty, which is frustrating...
I was going to try Solus but the installer fails to run after multiple and usb.