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Nigel Swan @ignitionigel

OK... so I'm here now too. Social media presence is spreading thin hah! That and I dislike the mainstream, for it's inane repost of commercial/harvesting garbage.

So, hi.

@mikestone cheers! Been hearing about this, and saw your comment on the ploos... so stalked you here, signed up etc. I'll see how it goes - I like the setup so far!

@ignitionigel It's got some pretty cool features. A little bit more quiet here than Twitter or Google+ (unless you follow Richard Stallman). I like the 500 character limit, and the content warning is a really good idea!

@mikestone I tend to be selective in who I follow anyway, so most social sites are quiet for me haha. I tend to cull those that post incessantly.

Though, it can depend on the platform and type of post.

@ignitionigel Yea, I tend to follow a lot of news type accounts and the like, so there's a lot of white noise that accompanies that.