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Jamie @jamie@mastodon.rocks

Truthfully, I use SmartOS (unix), PFsense (unix), and FreeNAS (unix). Which is the backbone or container for my Debian/Ubuntu/Mint installs. I guess my Linux is sandboxed in unix.

All the kewl kids are using Linux. I'm switching to unix.

Spectre and Meltdown fixes are still being developed and tested. Scary.

I survived FiftyShades.

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No Spectre/Meltdown patches for PFsense, SmartOS, and FreeNAS yet? 😕

I wonder how many people accept the price the car dealer proposes without negotiating? It takes me several weeks of negotiations before I settle, but I feel alone in this quest.

Windows 10 automatically blocks Spectre update for out-of-date Symantec PCs until Symantec updates itself. Otherwise, a BSOD would result. Symantec customers should not manually deploy the Windows update!

I hated The Last Jedi. Sorry. I'll play along for the sake of the kids though. I don't want to ruin it for them.

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Mozilla is Not Trustworthy (and how that can be fixed)


The Lunduke Show is made possible by the Freedom loving folks at System76, PogoLinux, LulzBot, & Nerds Like You.

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Sadly, the new McDonalds kiosk is Outstanding. I was able to order a Double -bun -ketchup -mustard +bacon +extra onion faster than human line was moving. It was super easy.

There are some messed up people on the federated timeline.

What's the hottest website for finding jobs in IT nowadays?

There's a psycho in every McDonalds dining room prior to 7AM everyday.

Skeptical about Tor project. OONI Explorer makes certain countries look clean, but the usual suspects look dirty. It might be "how" a country chooses to censor, or the numbers are fabricated. For example Germany v. Russia. Germany might send police to unplug it. Russia might just block it from the comfort of an armchair.

Microsoft put all versions of Win 7 on every Win 7 disc, but they just hid the others. A tool can be downloaded to unhide Home, Home Premium, Pro, and Ultimate. raymond.cc/blog/create-x86-x64

Before coffee: repeatedly trying to connect ftp using wrong port. Getting off to a good start.

Installed FreeNAS on an old Dell Precision T5400. Dual quad core Xeon (8 cores total), 32GB ECC, 3TB HDD ZFS mirror, 120GB SSD cache, 120GB SSD Logs. Bought PC for $100 and added the drives. Not bad.