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And as I made that post, I forgot to include the link to the reddit community I mentioned: reddit.com/r/japanesenewmusic

Something off what I recently posted on the channel:

小林麻美 (Asami Kobayashi) - イヴの横顔 (Eve's Profile) // 1974

It's a lovely mashup between -folk and (basically what most songs are like) with some lovely orchestration, and guitar strumming. That guitar breakdown mid-song is breathtaking!

I urge you to follow my reddit community I made dedicated to new music (genre), if you want to hear more like this!



石川セリ (Seri Ishikawa) - ときどき私は... (Sometimes I ...) // 1976

Yet another breezy-jazzy song by Seri, with smooth soulful vocals, uplifting strings, lovely guitar lines, and a funky bass, and hints of good quality lounge music. That whole album (with the same title as the song above) only has the best of songs by Seri. I just wish she had more recognition!

Pas de Deuxのディスコグラフィー (ただ2枚のアルバム)を最初のチャンネルに移し終わった。
Pas de Deuxは、ニューウェーブ、シンセポップ、ポスト・パンク・ソングを演奏する、ベルギーのインディーズバンドでした、一方、坪倉唯子さんはハードロック、ファンク、R&B、シティポップソングを演奏したソウルフル歌手。
彼女はまたB. B. Queens、有名なポップグループの一員で、複数のヒット曲を持っていました。

Pas de Deux - youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmm

Yuiko Tsubokura - youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmm

As you probably noticed, I finished moving Pas de Deux's discography (actually, it's comprised of just 2 albums) to the first channel, and as last time I combined Pas de Deux with Yuiko Tsubokura, I moved her two albums as well.

The former is a belgian indie grup from the early 80's, while the latter is a soulful singer and song writer that did mostly and . Yuiko was also part of B.B.Queens, a band name that might sound familiar to you.

Continuing from yesterday, with another Pas de Deux song. This time it's a lovely ditty, as an ode to social alienation and individualism, featuring sounds of monkeys in heat. :D

Pas de Deux - Lonely Guys // 1983


Here's an interesting take on John Lennon's "Instant Karma" by belgian indie-ish band Pas de Deux: youtube.com/watch?v=kJSCwkWEca

You might also enjoy the next two tracks, one being another John Lennon cover (namely "Cold Turkey") set upon a backing track. The following song, is just a continuation of the minimal music, with the vocals constantly screaming in agony. Talk about avant-garde!




I think this month's band needs no introduction. Just finished posting all YMO albums and singles up to 1984!


Finished moving Hiroshi Satō's discography from the second channel to the first!
This time I haven't added anything new, unfortunately, but you might still be interested in listening to his stuff, if you like , , , and (in his earlier albums) , , ,


Summer's fast approaching, so it's unbearable heat. How about some light with a TR-808 to accompany it.

石川セリ (Seri Ishikawa) - 水蒸気 (Water Vapour) // 1982


The song is very light and breezy, makes me think of that slight melancholic feeling you get on a sunny summer afternoon, after staying out in the sun all day.

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Mad Pierrot // 1978


An eccentric / number, full of whimsical beeps and bloops you come to expect from this group. You might say that I mistyped the release year for the song, but you would be wrong, instead of this coming out in the late 80's, it precedes that period by about 10 years! That shows you how ahead of the time those synth wizards were!

Hiroshi Satō - 空飛ぶじゅうたん Flying Carpet // 1979


Check this number! Lovely instrumental piece with some psychedelic nuances, electrifying synths, and an flair. Did Herbie Hancock by any chance have an japanese brother who was into electronic music? Hee hee~

How about a change of pace? I present you a very smooth / / song that goes by the name "Rainbow Sea Line":


Originally it was written for Minako Yoshida, for her second album "Minako" back in 1975 by Hiroshi Satō. Originally it was a very funky upbeat number, but one year later, Hiroshi "covered" the song himself, slowing down the pace, and turning it into a relaxing song, perfect for laying on the beach!

It's time now for some , with a dash of quirkiness!

Colored Music - Heartbeat // 1981


Taeko Ōnuki - Decayed Night // 1980

A lovely #softrock / #citypop song, with a dash of #newwave thrown in.

I always picture a melancholic summer evening while listening to this song (and I might be a bit bias, since it was such a night the first time I listened to this song, hee hee!)

It's a lovely constructed song with some nice chord progressions, a very tasteful addition of feathery synths in the background (courtesy of professor Sakamoto), and Taeko's idiosyncratic style of singing.


(make sure to set the video to play in HD, as DailyMotion likes to put on the lowest quality video by default)