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judahnator @judahnator@mastodon.rocks

Anyone familiar with know of a way to import your entire account into a new instance?

The instance I am on has a history of stability issues, and I would like to move home without losing all my data.

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How is it only 18:45!? It is dark o'clock. It is time to use the sleep.

My SO has been using for a few months now.

I just introduced her to the “cowsay” and “lolcat” commands. Her mind was blown.

Call your mom. She misses you.

pro tip, engineering stock ship amour incurs no mass penalty. Heavy duty engineer to your hearts content with no sacrifice to jump range.

10 minutes can get you an easy 50% bump to hull strength with practically no downside.

Found this fun package on reddit: packagist.org/packages/djaxho/

Not mine, but I will definitely get some use out of it.

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It is dark o'clock. Time to use the sleep.

In the spirit of silly things...

WTF is this Microsoft? This is a perfectly good copy of Windows that I have owned for several years. Heck, I still have the OEM box somewhere.

Why do you hate your users?

Had to set up my second 900MW reactor in .

Next up, rebuilding my rail network to handle larger ore trains.

I'm not sure how I feel about this whole "winter" thing.

My body sees that the day star has gone to sleep and decides its time to do the same.

Come on me, get yourself together. Its only 17:30 FFS.

In the work I do, no matter what it is, I always try to end the day proud of the work I did. Maybe I was limited in scope or time, but I always want to go home content that I did my best.

I did not meet that goal today.

A friend of mine finally gave a shot.

"Why didn't you tell me about this sooner!?"

I did bud. I have been sharing links to my instance with you for months.

Federation FTW!

Making some important steps in a project. Its really cool to see your code grow from "concept" to "actually working in production."

I am slowly moving from "Santa is going to give me coal" to "Santa is going to kick me in the face."