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judahnator @judahnator@mastodon.rocks

Out on the expedition. The route takes you past HD 148937, home of the famous 10G world.

Gotta say, I absolutely nailed the landing. I settled my back end down onto that surface like a brick falling off a skyscraper.


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I found some disco space pumpkins out in the black.

I went out for a little adventure after this new update dropped. Found this low-orbiting moon with some neat geysers.

In the spirit of silly things...

WTF is this Microsoft? This is a perfectly good copy of Windows that I have owned for several years. Heck, I still have the OEM box somewhere.

Why do you hate your users?

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Am I just having a stroke? Is sorting broken?
friends, help!

Look what I scored for $0.25 at the public library book sale.
A v3 and 4 book.

It took two days of prep but I think this is my best sourdough loaf(s) yet. Crunchy crust, fluffy interior, just the perfect amount of tang.

Round two of sourdough.

Unlike the first round, this one is not suitable for home building.

It rose a lot better and tastes amazing. Next time though, I may need to cut in some instant yeast or let rise overnight. Although it taste great, it is still a bit dense.

A friend pointed me towards a black hole they found in a nebula near Beagle Point in . I am happy I went.

I was in the mood for bagels but didn’t feel like going to the store, so I made my own.

They are tasty, but my lord they are ugly.

Did my first LRR rescue in last night. Started 1,500LY directly under SagA, client was 2,800LY directly above.
Managed so snap this neat picture while trying to plot a course back to safety.

Its a few weeks old, but I grabbed this while visiting The Gnosis megaship before its attempted jump into the Cone sector.

There was an AFK player hogging the large landing pad so myself and another Anaconda had to make due by just parking on the hull. A few other CMDRs wanted in the picture so they posed with us as well.

Had a good talk about this morning