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judahnator @judahnator@mastodon.rocks

Out on the expedition. The route takes you past HD 148937, home of the famous 10G world.

Gotta say, I absolutely nailed the landing. I settled my back end down onto that surface like a brick falling off a skyscraper.


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I was asked how best to clean up some code.

The answer was to draw a pentagram on the ground and attempt to summon the old ones.

Nothing but fire can cleanse this.

I was tasked with removing a bunch of legacy code no longer in use.

570 files changed, 2694 insertions(+), 150456 deletions(-)

Oh baby. I can only get so erect.

I am going to smack the next person who talks to me about "webscale" technologies.
Buddy, you cannot keep blaming the tools. Everything slows to a crawl if used inappropriately.

@jdormit Fascinating. To be honest I didn't look into it much, but I will definitely play with it some tomorrow.
Would you happen to know if there is a forum or IRC channel to check out regarding details of the standard? I found the W3.org article on it, but I have some questions about some edge cases.

I found some disco space pumpkins out in the black.

@jdormit Why not make the library pretty bare-bones, maybe implementing some relevant PSRs, and leave the implementation up to the end user?

The project looks like it is already a composer library. You could make a new `activitypub-php-symfony` library that extends it that acts as a full server, while still allowing someone else to come along behind with a `activitypub-php-laravel/wordpress/cake/whatever` without needing to fork the library.

It’s really nice when long term planning pays out.

About 10 months ago I was contracted to do some stuff and I made some decisions that ended up costing a few days of dev time, but it is saving me weeks of time now.

High-five past me. You did good.

Thinking about writing a blog post about not trusting arrays in . We will see.

“Bed Bath and Beyond” stores feel like walking around in late night TV commercials.

@selfcare I sure home I’m alone. If not then someone is watching me poop, and that’s not ok.

Looks like Century Link got their act together. Ping times and speeds are still all over the place, but things look to be back to somewhat "normal."

Lets hope it stays that way!

@nuttgodd I think a human would win by default, as neither a deer or a wolf have hands.

I went out for a little adventure after this new update dropped. Found this low-orbiting moon with some neat geysers.

Ubuntu bad.
Arch good.
Gimme updoots.

@Sir_Boops no matter which one you choose, it’s literally the worst choice possible and someone will be along shortly to tell you why.