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A big problem is a bunch of little problems stacked on top of each-other in a trench coat.

Any devs want to do a code review a library of mine? I offer a code review of a library of yours in exchange.
Not looking for a published article or anything fancy like that, I just want a fresh set of eyes on my code to help make me a better programmer.

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Watching tests run on a very public pull request is nerve-wracking.

I have nightmares of such things. What if I forgot a semi-colon on a PR? Its public history now. Everyone will know "judahnator has a case of the dumb."

I was in the mood for bagels but didn’t feel like going to the store, so I made my own.

They are tasty, but my lord they are ugly.

For as laid back as exploration in is, I sure could use without the jump scares.

Black holes man. Screw those guys.

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Did my first LRR rescue in last night. Started 1,500LY directly under SagA, client was 2,800LY directly above.
Managed so snap this neat picture while trying to plot a course back to safety.

I looked at the news and the news made me sad.

Send pictures of something fluffy and adorable.

I wrote a real quick blog post on using pass-by-reference variables in .
Give it a read. Or not. I'm not your Mom.


Looks like the new typed properties vote has passed.

I can hardly wait!


I am trying to write a blog post that talks about a thing I built.
However first I need to write a blog post that explains a component.
I can't do that until I write yet another blog post explaining a specific technology being used.

I feel like maybe I am just trash at bloging.

Need some new 🎵 in my library. Link me to your 🔥 playlists.

Management pro tip:
To keep your developers on their toes, make dramatic scope changes at 4:00PM the day before the project is due for review.

Shitty Life Pro Tip:
Make your developers work faster by marking all issues the highest priority.

Its a few weeks old, but I grabbed this while visiting The Gnosis megaship before its attempted jump into the Cone sector.

There was an AFK player hogging the large landing pad so myself and another Anaconda had to make due by just parking on the hull. A few other CMDRs wanted in the picture so they posed with us as well.

If your company needs two issue trackers, a shared spreadsheet, and a Google doc for issue tracking... Your developers hate you.

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