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judahnator @judahnator@mastodon.rocks

Having a project manager is the coolest thing.

Being able to say "you there, person I have designated to care about things, go care about this thing!" is the best. It allows me to focus on being a good programmer without constant interruptions.

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DigitalOcean finally restored access to my spaces folder

There is snow in the forecast. Yay?

I went to the gun range to help blow off some steam.

I need to get a smaller gun though. Paying a bit over a dollar per bullet can cost a pretty penny.

I figured it out. There is a `SORT_FLAG_CASE` argument you can pass to the sort function which ignores case.

Am I just having a stroke? Is sorting broken?
friends, help!

Look what I scored for $0.25 at the public library book sale.
A v3 and 4 book.

I have been playing with Atoms tele-type feature with a coworker. Its a lot of fun, and wonderfully executed.

Here is your daily dose of nonsense: npmjs.com/package/is-thirteen

Its issues on GitHub are pure gold.

My talk at the Idaho meetup last night went fantastic. Got some good feedback and taught some people new things.

Lets do it again!

I think one of my clients is trying to intimidate me.

"Fix this problem for free OR ELSE!"

Like... pal. What are you going to do? Take your business elsewhere and harass someone else over the phone?

Be my guest. Go away. I dare you.

I have decided to vote against every candidate who sends me unsolicited texts, emails, letters, or comes to my door.

If someone does not respect my opinion enough to allow me to opt-in to their marketing campaign, or allow me the option to opt-out, then why would I think they would respect my opinion once they take office?

The air is wet.

I hate it when this happens.

Some wisdom from my SO this morning:

> "Everybody loves dogs, and if you don't you are going to hell"