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Artful Aardvark (17.10) final Beta images are now available for testing. Help us make 17.10 the best release yet! kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-artfu

Call for design: Artful Banner for Kubuntu.org website

Kubuntu 17.10 — code-named Artful Aardvark — will be released on October 19th, 2017. We need a new banner for the website, and invite artists and designers to submit designs to us based on the Plasma wallpaper [1] and perhaps the mascot design [2].

The banner is 1500×385 SVG.

Please submit designs to the Kubuntu-devel mail list [3].

1. kde.org/announcements/plasma-5
2. bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-them
3. lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listi

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If you're using @kubuntu 16.04, you have an update fixing CVE-2016-6232 coming your way.

More details here: pad.lv/1712948

Lovely review of our newest Beta for 17.10!
"Quick Look at Kubuntu Artful Pre-Release"

The Kubuntu Council is happy to announce the results of the election. The envelope, please ...

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Thanks to our users and developers testing the latest PIM updates they are now available to Kubuntu 17.04 users!: kubuntu.org/news/kde-pim-updat

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9 months of Atelier project, almost time to launch(or not) =D - https://gnusocial.de/url/3849482