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EFF resigning from w3c over w3c endorsement for DRM and lack of protection for security researchers

"Today, the W3C bequeaths an legally unauditable attack-surface to browsers used by billions of people. They give media companies the power to sue or intimidate away those who might re-purpose video for people with disabilities. They side against the archivists who are scrambling to preserve the public record of our era."

@paulfree14 @lufthans @BryanLunduke

Because they have defined HTML since its inception. It's a decades-old standards body that's had no real controversies until now. It was peaceful, benevolent, and helpful.

And now it's DRM'ing all the things.

@lufthans @vincentxavier Quelqu'un a-t-il déjà lancé l'idée : #LetsForkW3c ? Ça pourrait servir de support au dev du prochain internet, permettant d'établir des liaison avec ou sans FAI, assurant l'anonymat des connexions et du transit des paquets, etc.