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Additionally, when you sign up for their "TrustedID Premier" thing, they make you agree that if the third party software they are using screws up, you won't hold them responsible. Add on to that, the third party websites security shall not be their problem either. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CORPORATE SHAFT ALL ABOUT?

So I am a little pissed off. Equifax collects data that I create, sells it all day everyday to anyone they want. They then loose it, and I have to pay them $10 to lock that data.

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Hey, nice! @BryanLunduke addressed my question on his latest episode. Rock on.

So help me with understanding Mastadon. This is .rocks, but there are many others-mastadon.nnnnnnnythingelse
Do I need a separate login for anything else I want to see? Where are the man pages?

This is interesting. Google really is pulling their services after people speak out about what it does.