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Linux Thursday is almost upon us! Got questions? Got topics?

Let us know here and it just might make it on the .

@BryanLunduke Barcelona Spain is using the idea of open source/ libre software not just in the use of Linux, but in the protection of people's rights their own data? They have made it so that the data generated by the citizens of the city is owned by the people who create it, just by living their lives, and they make it available to the citizen who the data is about? The state has lost its soverignty to large corporations, Googhal, large telecoms, even power generation- in terms of data?

mdennytoo @mdennytoo

@BryanLunduke They say the citizens have a right to the data about them and they are empowering people to own their data?

Please interview the IT director Francesca Bria, a professor at Imperial College Business School Innovation Studies.