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Also, a refresh Lenovo ThinkPad is also on my mind. As much as they have changed over the years, I kind of still fall back to wanting an upgrade on this thing.

Was very close to ordering a System 76 laptop this morning, but they don't do financing for UK customers :( guess I'll have to save up.

I'm still torn between the Librem 15 and the Galago Pro.. not sure

I love how the UI flows into most applications with relative ease. Only issue I've found has been with Brave which will probably get patched sooner or later

So far, it's something beautiful. Coming from i3wm, I'm not missing the tiling aspect of things too much. Though I might setup some keyboard shortcuts for things I just got used to

So after distro hopping: Ubuntu, Arch, Solus, and half an install of Gentoo later... I'm back on Fedora.
But Solus introduced me to Budgie Desktop, which I'm gonna use instead of i3wm for a few weeks to see how it fairs

Well that's just great. Lost all my music collection when reinstalling my OS. Had backed up everything except that directory, because I was going to organise it. Never got around to organising it, and so wasn't included in my backups. RIP

Batman: Ok Robin, if you're going to be my sidekick you need to learn all my equipment. I have documents on each one in that filing cabinet over there organized alphabetically *points to a set of drawers each with the letter B*

IANAL: My understanding is that... it's complicated.

Fundamentally, what copyright gives you is a veto over *derived works*. Now, when you take a novel and print it, the printed book is clearly a derived work. Not really any interpretation needed here.

If you take a novel and add a new chapter, that's also a derived work. Depending on how much you add/remove this can require interpretation.

Never mind, looks like I've got the answer. There's a clause you can add to the GPL which grants this permission. It isn't covered under the regular terms, but you can add an exception


Cc: @BryanLunduke might make for a good discussion point on your show :P I know you ain't a lawyer, but it'd be good to hear your thoughts if you have any

As far as I am aware, the license in that instance doesn't have to be sharealike? Anyone should be able to do whatever they want with it, closed source or not. That's what the license agreement sounds like, and it's what GitHub have on it


If I have software that's under GPLv3, and someone wants to make a plugin for it, using our API - does that plugin have to be released under GPLv3 too?

Plugins, in this sense, do not modify code in the core application. They utilize the API, but never modify the code on the implementation.

Switched from Tusky to Mastalab. Both are really solid though. Love some of the UI layouts of Mastalab, though the navigation is a bit weird

Are MIT and GPL licenses compatible? I'm thinking of changing over from MIT to GPL on the JungleTree project. Not sure if I'm in my right to do that

The thought of accepting any and all programming languages is a real blessing for the community driven projects. It brings the best talents from all areas of software engineering