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Indian Pirates

India's Supreme Court rules privacy is a fundamental right, dealing blow to #Aadhaar biometric programme…

No, The Supreme Court Has NOT Made It Mandatory For You To Link Your Phone With Aadhaar

Though we have to wait till November when Supreme Court decides on the constitutional validity of mandating Aadhaar.

“These are serious issues and agree that it must be heard immediately,” justice Sikri said in an oral observation.

There is a plan to meet in Bangalore on May 8 reply if anyone is interested to join.

Adivasi pensions have to travel 9km to access pensions after fingerprint authentication in . Earlier, delivered at local post office

for being our voice in the Supreme Court against the imposition of on citizens by a totalitarian govt.

“Security of data and citizens’ right to liberty breached. This is what we have warned about making mandatory.” - Sitaram Yechury

“Dont expect system built upon , force & fraud to respect . Deseed from banking, pension, medical etc services” - Geeta Dalal