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PMH @poriyaMH

Many of these old school programmers use plain HTML for their personal website. I wonder why they don't just use Wordpress or something! Probably because of their GEEK spirit!๐Ÿ˜„

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@poriyaMH well if you can achieve what in you want in simple HTML, there is not reason to install WordPress and worry about PHP, MySQL, performance, momory usage, optimization, security, etc :)

@angristan I once tried that, I gave up a week later. Mainly because doing with just HTML is a pain in the neck. Just imagine you have written 100 articles and you just wanna change the header of the site. That can only be done using a script that takes a lot of time to code! why not just using PHP or whatever else?!

@poriyaMH oh, you're talking about a blog. Well most of the HTML static blogs are generated using tools like pelican, etc, they're not written in HTML directly :)

@angristan Checkout He said somewhere in the site that he uses plain html! and although I can't call that a blog almost all of the pages of the website are articles!

@poriyaMH well we're talking about *the* Richard Stallman though xD

@angristan Just out of curiosity, because I haven't heard of Pelican, Is it like Hugo or Jekyll? A link would be perfect!