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PMH @poriyaMH

I would be happier with my life if solus distrobution's package manager was called SPM. Just use a name that makes sense!

@poriyaMH echo "alias spm = eopkg" > ~/.config/fish/conf.d/

There! 😉

@miwilc OMG, I officially admit that you've saved my life! From now on I wanna pray to you!
Seriously though they've named the new under-development PM, "sol" which is weird to me!

@poriyaMH it was named Sol to complement solbuild, you should consider using solbuild if your installing packages manually (note: use the unstable branch (-p unstable-x86_64) if you want to send your package patches to solus for inclusion.)

Also feel free to use /s if you feel that scarasm doesn't carry over properly.

@miwilc That is so cool, I didn't know that. Thanks a lot! 😊