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PMH @poriyaMH

How do they know the Market share for Linux when there is no acceptable source to gather the information?
I mean Microsoft knows how many people are using their OS, So does apple, But what about GNU/Linux distrobutions?

@poriyaMH How does Microsoft knows this ? There are so many pirate copies of windows ? 😂

@22Decembre They simply don't count I guess! But Personally think microsoft has a lot of ways of identifying users, I knew people who used pirated copies of windows but still had a Microsoft account synced with them! So obviously there are many ways for them to know the market share.

@poriyaMH if you read some articles about how they managed to poll the market, you'll understand it's far from reality.
They mitigate the "total visits per day per site" (on a poll of 20 M sites) with the maximum proportions per country and per computer. Something just not bearable to reflect reality...

@poriyaMH I think they google "How do I"
and extrapolate from the number hits in the past 30 days. JK! It's a good question.