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@miwilc it's exactly what I mean. that would be awesome! I would contact you! thanks

Anybody willing to help building real MIT packages from the source of VScode and publishing it? something like VScode-libre?

@fatboy I think ubuntu mate is worth a shot! it's fast and easy to use for less experienced users.

@miwilc the bad thing about it is that Microsoft is trying to make it look opensource while it really isn't!

To guys who have been using VScode from Microsoft for it's "MIT" license: Downloadable installation package from it's main site is actually under Microsoft Proprietary EULA and not MIT. So you might want to avoid it and consider switching to Atom or Emacs! You could also try compiling from source because it's really MIT in github.

Q: why should we use C in 2017?
A: Because it's fast! Super fast!

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@BryanLunduke while RiseUp might be slightly anti-capitalist, I don't believe that they're pro-violence, etc. Just because Antifa uses RU doesn't mean that RiseUp = Antifa Email.

I find you kinda slathered on the FUD a little too thick in that video. Mozilla wants activists to have a secure place to communicate, RiseUp offers that. Regardless of political leaning or cultural persuasion, RiseUp is open to all activists, no matter how mislead they might be.

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Time to rejoice! The Windows phone is dead!

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Purism’s Linux phone, Librem 5, crowdfunder has surpassed $1,3 million !

We are likely going to make it; a true alternative for the oppression of Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. After Edward Snowden's revelations this is more than a welcome enter into a different and larger world.

Ps. There is also a Finnish company Jolla / SailfishOS (Linux).


#Purism #Librem #Linux #privacy #security #Snowden #crowdfunding #awareness

@22Decembre They simply don't count I guess! But Personally think microsoft has a lot of ways of identifying users, I knew people who used pirated copies of windows but still had a Microsoft account synced with them! So obviously there are many ways for them to know the market share.

How do they know the Market share for Linux when there is no acceptable source to gather the information?
I mean Microsoft knows how many people are using their OS, So does apple, But what about GNU/Linux distrobutions?

Don't use ! Just don't.
It sucks.
I'm so tired if it's "application error" that you see in every freaking asp website!

@miwilc Thanks for replying, Does it Understand Condition? I just want to access some pages using TOR network.

Any one Knows A extension For Proxy managment like Proxy SwitchyOmega? I need something that comes with the proxy Condition Option so that I can choose what sites I want to access with proxy. I wanna Use TOR on it... I checked FoxyProxy Standard but it's quick add option couldn't add site's recourses outsite a domain. for example it doesn't know that it needs to load twitters images from

@miwilc That is so cool, I didn't know that. Thanks a lot! 😊

@miwilc OMG, I officially admit that you've saved my life! From now on I wanna pray to you!
Seriously though they've named the new under-development PM, "sol" which is weird to me!

@SqueakyPancakes You're right, but why not install them? 4 or 10 or whatever, I don't think they make the system any slower. (at least on a system that can run vanilla gnome) and you will have the choice of installing only the things you need.
But the thing is Gnome is kind of a not-like-others desktop. Is the problem it's weird differences with other DEs?