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Adam Tentacles

John Carmack's talk here on the VR input/output pipeline and all the delays and barriers to getting throughput and their approaches to reducing latency was dizzying and brilliant.

So many layers.

UK Election politics. Show more

Captain Disillusion is my short duration personal saviour for today. Thanks for crushing all my dreams Captain!

Injected the voice-recordings for the Starship Schrödinger's Destiny's V0.1 mini-episode into the code today. Watched it play start to end with all the sound for the first time.

It's boringly defaultly animated and often sloppy, buggy, and broken. Sometimes in ways worth fixing for V0.1. Sometimes not.

But it gets to the end. I could argue that's hitting my end-of-the-month target if it wasn't for the fact that polish is half the work and anyway the polishing-tools aren't all done.

Just spent half an hour bent over in the garden going at it hard and now I'm a bit sore and hot and sweaty and tired. Show more

Existential Comics this week is easily one of their best. I wonder if that counts as interfering with the UK election? Not like in a CIA, way, not even in a Russia way, but more in a geek-in-the-basement way, which is easily the coolest.

This is what I want. The first bit, not the last bit.

Zach is still wonderful.

My festival-packing checklist:

[Multi-part. Ugh. 500 character limit. Why? At least let me attach a text document as easily as a photo]

* Food

* Booze

* Sunglasses
* Daysack (Especially big festies)
* Camera
* Torch
* Spare batteries. For everything.
* Toys
* Fashion
* A way to be visible in the dark. Light-up boppers, Fibre-optic hair-braids, Glow-belt. Whatever.
* Backup phone

* Ticket. Again.

[That concludes the checklist]

And I really have to stuff all those things in that bag now.

My festival-packing checklist:

[Multi-part. Ugh. 500 character limit. Why? At least let me attach a text document as easily as a photo]

* Jumpers
* Trousers
* Underwear
* Shirts
* Hat
* Waterproof Poncho
* Dry thing to sit on
* Wellies
* Gloves
* Scarf
* Umbrella

* Contacts/Glasses
* Sunglasses
* Toilet paper
* Toothpaste
* Toothbrush
* Floss
* Soap
* Shampoo
* Deodorant
* Towel
* Hairbrush
* Hairspray/gel/whatever
* Sunscreen
* Insect-spray
* Portajohns

My festival-packing checklist:

[Multi-part. Ugh. 500 character limit. Why? At least let me attach a text document as easily as a photo]

* Keys
* Wallet
* Twice as much cash as you think you'll need.
* Phone
* Phone recharging power packs. More than enough.
* Tickets
* Car park pass/train ticket

* Lighter, vaporizer
* Enough batteries for vaporizer

* Tent
* Sleeping bag
* Air Mattress
* Air Pump. Batteries for it.
* Sheet
* Blanket

[Part two follows...]

Needed to sequentially rename all the range-markers inside a sound editor.

Luckily, it saves it's data in XML.

One quick Vim macro later, it's done.

God I love Vim.

Programming vim-macros feels like having an intern.

> Move to the start of the line, find the third quote, copy the thing in the quotes, then move to the next line, find the third quote, trash the stuff in the quotes, paste, and increment the number under the cursor. Then repeat. Two thousand times.

And it's done.

Am I the last person I know to not have an automatic dish-washer? Probably not. I bet more friends have 'em than don't though.

I might buy a dish-washer.

Who hates theirs and for what reasons? So I know the avoid the ones like that.

Might have to be a counter-top one. I want the kitchen to be cleaner, not completely redesigned.

Two working days to find the one-liner fix.

The nature of is often frustrating.

Feels good when you finally crack it though.

Saw Harry Potter And The Cursed Child in the today. It was fairly impressive and very good.Very enjoyable way to spend a day, and easily the longest amount of time I've sat in a theater seat in one day.

Yay for JK Rowling and crew.

Been doing a bit of writing. Act one is coming together nicely, I have a map of how all the timelines intersect and cross-weave and the characters collide into adventure.

@BryanLunduke ''s presentation at some conference about just how much we're spied upon these days was both entertaining and interesting.

Crazy how much data they're gathering these days. The Stasi would be very proud of us.

If you ain't paranoid, you should be.

There's a park in Riga in Latvia that has a giant statue of a space-monkey. Curious thing to find on a wonder around a strange city.

Hummm. These shoes have LEDs around the edges, disco in their souls, and a battery with wires hidden in their soles.

Perhaps I should wear the other pair to the airport.

I like the comparison here between religions and virtual reality games.

Meaning is not dependent on doing grunt-work for employers. Jobs do not give meaning to life.

"Work is essential for meaning only according to some ideologies and lifestyles. Eighteenth-century English country squires, present-day ultra-orthodox Jews, and children ... have found a lot of interest and meaning in life"