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@alpacaherder Congress did not meet the deadline. Most of the federal workforce is now sidelined. sure, I can see that.

But these posts aren’t calling for explicit community features. They’re calling for people who post a lot to either stop or go somewhere else.

And that’s pretty shitty, IMO.

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From #Reddit #Bitcoin: Day 5: I will repost this guide daily until available solutions like SegWit & order batching are mass adopted, the mempool is empty once again, and transaction fees are low. ARE YOU PART OF THE SOLUTION? Unconfirmed TX's @ 175K #Bitcoin

@h @vertigo I think #Matroska evolved from #IFF via #RIFF to #EBML. But it was just an example, would be cool to have hypermedia embedded here as videos.

@cobra2 @alvarezp I got an email about it. It's date/time stuff.
I'll probably be ditching the speex feed soon. Maaaybe swap out an opus feed...

I read Neuromancer when I was in my late teens, and I thought it was ok. Unlike the golden era sci-fi writers who wrote in a very bland matter-of-fact style, Gibson also had poetical elements.

Today I think I live in the cyberpunk world of the 1980s writers. We don't have Wintermute yet or the brain interfaces (not very good ones anyway), but pretty much everything else arrived as predicted.

@deejoe @animeirl @mareklach @bob this is not an uncommon thing in rural Iowa, either. It's been awhile since I've been entrenched in that space, but it does seem that the major impediment to ubiquitous broadband is neither population density nor distance nor size of potential customer base.

@Siphonay @frickhaditcoming @Kavaeric TBH the impression I get is the Chinese govt doesn't actually mind kids using foreign VPNs as long as they post in English or Chinese and also don't cause any problems in the countries where they are accessing systems (like spam posting or political stuff).

Hong Kong has a different censorship firewall which is a more generic "Asian values" setting and admin of this is to some extent shared by Pakistan and some other countries

@Siphonay @frickhaditcoming but are they Chinese tooting from within China, or folk who are Chinese but living in Singapore/Malaysia or European countries? (who of course wouldn't get blocked by this instance anyway but are unlikely to want to use it)

@kensanata @PresGas @Canageek @Emmett I think if diaspora* and Mastodon could interoperate, that could be a big gain for diaspora*.

@PresGas @Canageek @Frotz @Emmett oops, I confused Diaspora and GNU Social for a second, there. Mastodon and Diaspora sadly don't interoperate as far as I know.

@kensanata @Emmett @Frotz @Canageek I know I occasionally browse another #mastodon instance's tags urls and see who is posting from those. Remote following interesting people.

kensanata, can you elaborate on your #diaspora statement? I didn't think mast and diasp talked?