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Results of stealing the h-bridge off the Furby itself (apparently datasheets exist for this chip in a searchable location)


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"If you liked it you should've put a test on it."

Source: Titus Winters, C++ as a "Live at Head" Language, CppCon 2017

Teleporting over to another instance.

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Finally got around to setting up that adapter for using a GameCube controller with an N64.

The source and schematics for the project I used are here: github.com/brownan/Gamecube-N6

I think it goes without saying that sourcerers tend to have a bit of an alchemical streak, as they often have a habit of turning caffeine and sugar into source code.

Or apparently I could just use an Arduino

Hey, are there any magic users out there who know where I can find a 20MHz crystal in household electronics? Currently trying to make a chimera cable to connect some GameCube controllers to an N64.

And with all of the eval black magic buried deep within my configuration.nix, NVM is working again and shouldn't actually break because it's being done correctly* this time

(* Or at least as correctly as I can with this much magic in it)

...I'm really just building more of a case for why I should move to witches.town, huh?

Apparently my black magic wasn't deep enough, so now I need to go with deeper black magic to make this work.

When the internet is slow but you don't know if it's that storm, net neutrality, or just everything is being hacked. #2018

This room could really use some shelving. Way too many boxes and parts bins with development stuff in them

Whew. Just finished a bunch of office cleaning

Sneasel found herself a home in an empty box of goldfish crackers :3

So this is what having 117GB of space free feels like. I forgot how that felt.