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I'm proud that I could still say new things to my veteran colleges, like...
- Hey Z, which port did you configured open?
- The Hitler one...
- What?
- Port 9999...

Good abstraction layers can save you a lot of time... Unless you forgot you wrote any a week ago. 😅

I have a few projects I work on, but man I'm so fucking afraid of publishing my code on github...

- Hey, guess what...
- What?
- Fuck, you're too good...

One of the hardest decisions in you'll make in is what you make your login manager. Will you use or .

Did you miss #FOSDEM and missed out on the t-shirts and swag?  You can order #GNOME merchandise from! #GNOMELove

htop 2.1.0 is officially released! and you heard it first here on Mastodon!

Antergos / Manjaro / pure Arch?

I plan to build up something around wayland + sway... any recommendations?

Schrödinger's thesis: you don't know if you know it or not untill you draw it.

I wish there was a rebranded Thunderbird with manga characters as email headers/templates called Tsunderebird.

It's at the point where pop_os is a struggle to use. The system is buggy as hell, especially the hidpi parts. I've put arch/antergos on my galago pro... No more random resolution changes, no jumping mouse cursor, and finally the hdmi output works as expected.

People should stop building on top of ubuntu for good...

Today has been the best day ever because I got to witness a dog birthday party 🎉

I'm more excited about the process of how I made my presentation rather than holding the talk.


When your only question at the university webinar is if you can bring your own cooking set to the dorm... and they skip the question. 😥

ubuntu based distros die on me. I had less problems with arch based ones for sure. 😩

minix should have a /bin/panda instead of /bin/cat...

does anyone knows how to fix display scaling in gnome-shell? After reboot my scaling becomes 200%... it's really annoying

I wish people would document Makefiles... Merry Rewritethewholefuckingbuildsystem! 😩

Holidays stop being fun when you are old enough to realize you are in a low-income family and your parents stress a lot about the holidays.