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I'm proud that I could still say new things to my veteran colleges, like...
- Hey Z, which port did you configured open?
- The Hitler one...
- What?
- Port 9999...

Last 5 minutes till I had to hand in my VHDL source file for the test... Nothing works, but I have no syntax, no routing error...NOTHING! Maybe I messed up the logic?...
Last minute of the test, the teacher walks up to the desk looks at the board, checks the storage number. "Oh, I'm sorry. This board is marked as faulty." 😵😓😌

Born to Toot, forced to Tweet

Pretty much my experience when I started using Linux in ~2005 --
except I started on Slackware and not Ubuntu, moved to Debian because it had package management, and then wound up on Gentoo somehow and spent weeks compiling and getting WiFi working ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My dad's still disappointed that I don't use NetBSD though...

(Comic source:

Sitting at the edge of the bed. Falling asleep with a mug of coffee in your hand. It's gonna be a loooong day...

seems like 'git doff' is such a common typo that some funny guy symlinked it to a shell script which prints an ascii Homer Simpson saying 'Doff'

It took me ~2yrs to realize that the kind of music I like actually has a genre, electricore. I just found at 5 new awesome band in 20 minutes after knowing what I should search for.... damn

Sunday, 11:30 pm
"Yo dude, what are you doing? Want to have a beer?"
"Nah man, I'm frying fish fingers..."
"Have enough for 2?"
"I guess..." "Kay, be there with a six pack in 20 minutes" we are drinking beer, eating fried fish at sunday. I love 3 day weekends.


Coworker: "It's a bit warm isn't it? Could you open the win ..."

Me: "I'll open GNU/Linux!"

Qucs 0.0.19 - precompiled bin from the arch repo segfaults but the one built from AUR does not... AT LEAST IT FINALLY WORKS!

I do max 2 out of those 3 things at the same time 😋

2.0 is gonna have this cool-ass launcher icon for Chrome on Android

When my teacher asks me why I'm not using Symulink for his controll theory classes and I'm like: "Professor, I aint draw a single line when I can do this":

-- basic feed back loop system response
xs = let
xe = 0:xs
xr = zipWith (-) xa xe
in map (gv . gs . gc) xr

Picking winning lotto numbers is like randomly guessing a cheat code for life. #Showerthoughts

when you are too tired to make coffee so half of the instant coffee gets poured into your mouth to get enough energy to make the coffee.

fun fact: LSD and ls -d are two different things.